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NEW YORK CITY- New construction technology has sprung online after a slow jump for the industry to get on board with its deployment. Nowadays, developers and homeowners view technology as a necessity in building their dream projects, and in a perfect world as easy as downloading an application. With the current rush to technology adoption, the industry is asking will it eliminate human labor, Julian Anderson, president of Rider Levett Bucknall North America, a cost and project management and advisory services, tells

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According to Anderson, The fear is that technology applications will replace professionals in the construction industry, however, from his perspective he sees that as highly unlikely because most construction today includes redevelopment and build-outs.  “A great amount of work in the construction industry is not new construction. It is renovations and placing spaces within existing spaces, which will need somebody to have an eyeball for it and come up with a concept for that space,” he said. 

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