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Please find our article on Meduim.

TUESDAY MAY 26 marks the advent of Facebook’s latest venture: Facebook Shops. The new feature is designed as an upgrade to Facebook’s preexisting “Marketplace” tab, Facebook’s knock-off Craigslist.

Facebooks Shops allows businesses to customize their store page, allowing them to choose products to highlight and customize graphics and accent colors. This addition to the social media giant comes in the coronavirus-driven wave of e-commerce, as businesses and individuals hurry to move their lives online.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said:

“One of the ways small businesses are surviving during this period is moving online. I think this is going to be a big part of the future of commerce anyway, but it’s more important right now.”

AMAST agrees. At AMAST, we know it’s time to move the construction industry into the 21st century. 2020 brings new challenges, but it also provides exciting opportunities for growth and innovation by utilizing new technologies and modes of communication.

While Facebook Shops provides a new platform for businesses, it is not exclusively for construction professionals to connect with one another. On Facebook Shops, your business is more likely to get lost in the weeds of thousands of postings irrelevant to engineering and design.

Sign up for AMAST — your one-stop construction marketplace — today and receive one month free. AMAST users save money, expand their networks, and energize their business models.

Together, the construction industry will survive these challenging times. We are an integral community who has built our nation’s foundations and will pave the way to our country’s future. We deserve a space of our own.

Contributions by Molly Peterson, AMAST Community

AMAST is a marketplace for construction materials serving contractors, vendors, and management companies. Our Community Page features our Library, Tutorials, and AMAST Classified — AMAST highlights trends in construction and real estate, material, and business; shares how our platform functions; and posts jobs, opportunities and materials.

We welcome you to join us. Visit our website or Community Page, request a demo and sign up — WWW.AMAST.COM. We can be followed on social media: InstagramTwitterYoutubeLinkedInFacebookMedium, and Pinterest

Source: Axios — Facebook Shops is tech giant’s new online marketplace

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