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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) has announced that construction will soon begin on the Elliot Twins high-rise apartments in what’s being described as the city’s largest-ever public housing renovation project.

According to the MPHA, the two high-rise towers in the Elliot Park neighborhood — built in 1961 — will receive $25 million in preservation and improvements.ADVERTISING

The project includes complete renovations of 174 apartments units, upgrades to building systems (electrical/heat/water), central air conditioning, fire sprinklers and landscaping. There will also be 10 more ground and second floor units fully compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.

A $2.3 million from the city will be used to fund the use of energy-efficient materials, which are expected to reduce energy costs by 35%.

Elliot Twins renovation model (credit: MPHA)

“Public housing sits at the base of our city’s commitment to permanent, affordable housing for everyone,” said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. “With the Elliot Twins, we won’t just be preserving essential housing for decades to come. We will be making it better. I am especially proud to show how energy efficiency can be a priority with even our most deeply affordable homes—reducing our carbon footprint and saving money that we can reinvest in preserving and creating more housing.”

According to the MPHA, the median income at the Elliot Twins is around $10,200 a year. Nearly 80% of the residents are a senior or have a disability. More than 80% are people of color and the buildings are home to many Somali elders.

A 2018 view of one of the Elliot Twins towers. (credit: MPHA)

MPHA says rent will remain affordable at 30% of adjusted income.

“With the Elliot Twins, we set off to fulfill our essential vision to preserve public housing across Minneapolis,” said MPHA Executive Director/CEO Abdi Warsame. “This extensive and attractive renovation will transform the lives of the people who live there. It will also embody our joint commitment with the city to invest in high- quality, long-lasting, appealing homes for our lowest-income citizens.”

The project also includes a new 6,200 sq. ft. “community-link” area with common areas and amenities.

All residents can remain on-site throughout construction if they wish. The construction is expected to be completed in late-2021.

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