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Written by Molly Peterson, AMAST Content

The call for increased tech in the construction industry has never been more important — or prominent.

Read our Medium article here:

Last Thursday, leaders from Haskell, McCarthy Building Co, DPR Construction, and Black & Veatch announced their new brainchild: the NEXT Coalition. The coalition represents a commitment from some of the most high-profile engineering and construction firms around the globe to protect the health and safety of construction workers.

It’s clear that the world will not be the same even after the coronavirus crisis has been overcome. The NEXT Coalition calls for innovative solutions to problems which plague the construction industry today and preventive measures we might use to address the problems of tomorrow.

The official statement found on their website reads:

“The world after COVID-19, a.k.a. the “Next Normal,” demands safer, healthier and more sustainable approaches to construction. We’re seeking companies and startups with emerging technology solutions that can be quickly deployed to address current and future problems in the field and office. By working with industry leaders, you will be able to accelerate your solutions into market.”

Their current priority project, the NEXT: Construction Safety Challenge, is seeking companies, startups, and go-getters with visions for how to improve construction safety amidst the COVID crisis, and plans to make those visions reality.

The formation of the coalition — and their call for innovation — is a significant action that represents the importance of technological advancement in the construction industry. The world has changed a lot in the past twenty years, but the construction industry has been slow to change with it. Technology is the industry’s new frontier, and will improve not just safety, but also productivity, sustainability, and profitability for companies who choose to embrace it.

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Source: Construction Dive — 4 Major Contractors Issue Call for Coronavirus Tech Solutions

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